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About me

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Laura Vanaga-Mickeviča, I was born in Vidzeme, and since the age of 18 I have been living in Riga. Three days outside Riga is too little, five days – too much; I need to bring the city to the countryside and find the country charm in the urban jungle. I am a person who is always inquisitive, trying to understand everything and try out new things, a person who can sometimes be too nosy and gets scolded for it. I believe that everyone was born with their talent or the thing they can perform in the most beautiful and best manner.

I am a coach and Kundalini teacher on a daily basis.

Communicator. Networking freak. Maverick. Some say that I am good at giving inspiration, others say that I run on solar energy. I guess they’re right. I am the author of ‘Joga un pārdošana’ (Yoga and selling) (2016) and co-author of ‘Kā gūt panākumus Latvijā’ (How to become successful in Latvia) (2018). 

...moreover I am a person who dislikes the bubble we’re living in and which we can’t escape from even if we really wish. Every day I observe how people burn themselves out, trading their skills, talents and higher creative potential for processes that do not bring them satisfaction, and it deeply touches me.

Once asked about humanity, the Dalai Lama replied that man is a surprising being – he is ready to invest all of his energy in a career and work to earn money to invest in the health he lost in building his career and working. Of course, it is a statement to smile about, however my observations prove that this model is perceived as a norm. Is that really it? We live our lives spending energy on that which doesn’t make us happy. And happiness has become such an extra we must learn to attain it. Isn’t it just wrong?

I won’t deny that I have also been a true example of this Western drama of extremes we see every day. Being fully immersed in business, work, seeking and concluding agreements on behalf of the company, I had the honour of experiencing Burnout. A year after I took the stage in an HR conference with my topic ‘Life as a triathlon’, I found myself being fully involved in a serious Iron Man race. Trying to go the extra mile and obtaining not only the cake, but also a bright cherry on top of it, I did everything I could to exceed expectations. My impressive to-do list resulted in anxiety, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, inability to focus and mistakes, and countless sleepless hours began to turn my workdays into a nightmare. The meditation and breathing exercises I had practised were only good for a short term, until I mustered the courage to look the truth in the eye and admit – I had burnt myself out.


What did I learn? To catch the tiger (read: myself) by the tail – to notice situations that signal the danger of being stuck in a routine and to stop in advance. I also acquired the wish to talk about this topic – to invite others to think about the tempo we live at. Autonomic nerve disorders have become the cult dysfunction, and sometimes it seems that people who live their lives like a marathon boast about it. Is it really like that? External excellence and being on top of everything makes us want to straighten our backs and keep our heads high, however the satisfaction is not long-lived, and everyone of us will find a moment in their lives when they feel like getting in touch with their inner selves.

I found a way to stop in the middle of the rush and find balance within me. What’s even more important – I learnt to combine the urban rhythm and flow of nature inside me, which is a great achievement.

I follow my path by combining coaching and yoga, the two things I have tested on me and my customers. I know that it works and how it works, and I am willing to show it to you.

For many years my professional experience was related to sales in personnel consulting companies. I have worked in local and international companies, I have seen different types of management style and been acquainted with many people. As an individual coach I have consulted ambitious, own goal-driven entrepreneurs, managers of different levels of seniority and specialists who are in an unremitting development process. In my personal life I’ve always been accompanied by yoga and its techniques to regain inner balance.


Until I decided to award myself with a pleasant job. This is why I created the brand

Breathe. Slowly. Now, which combines and offers business customers coaching and yoga practice.

The message – Breathe. Slowly. Now – my challenge is to not postpone and seize the moment now, to breathe in deeply and breathe out, to let you be your true self! I have stepped out of the box and I invite others to do the same. By doing my job I want to help those who have tumbled and are ready to get up, and those who don’t know how to get what they want, but are ready to dig and find ways and opportunities.

I am glad about each person who enters my life, however I find most pleasure in working with those who are straight-forward, open, natural and interested. These are the ones who may lose trust in themselves, however they know that if they knock, the door will open. If I can help to open a door or (even better) a window – let’s do it together!

Short summary of my education and professional experience

2021- to date  ICF Latvia Vice President

2021-to date BNI Global Power Team International Networking Group Meeting Coordinator

2020-to date CoachHub Coach

2012– to date Member at ICF Latvia (International Coach Federation)

2017-2018 Board Member at ICF Latvia

2017-2018 Management Team Member, BNI Latvia, Zapp Chapter

2017-2018 Sales project manager, HR project consultant, coach, Talentor Latvia

2011-2017 Client Relations Manager, Eiro Personāls

2009-2011 Sales representative in Riga region, Henkel Latvia 


2012 Kundalini yoga teacher, certificate

2012 Coach certificate, ACC

2008 Master’s degree in personnel management 

2006 Bachelor’s degree in social work and social pedagogy

2006 First level higher professional education in business administration


2018 ‘Kā gūt panākumus Latvijā’ (co-author)

2016 ‘Joga un pārdošana’ (author) 


2017 Presentation at the conference ‘International coaching conference’

2017 Presentation at the conference ‘Personnel and labour law’

2016 Presentation at the conference ‘Grand sales’ 

2014 Presentation at the conference ‘Sales formula’ 

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