Coaching sessions for individuals and companies

Individual coaching


Individual coaching is an art to help others increase their productivity and development. Coaching is a series of conversations led by a coach asking questions, thus helping the person get a step closer to their potential, understand their role or task and take responsibility for future activities. Conversations are designed to help a person learn everything that is necessary to successfully perform tasks and enjoy the result achieved.


It will come in handy if:

  • you feel like changing something in your life, however you’re not sure how to do it

  • you are ready to take responsibility for your life and act to achieve your goals

  • you want to reach your goals faster, more efficiently and with a smile on your face

My most frequent customers are those who are stuck in their lives in some respect or in certain aspects of their lives. Among other frequent customers there are those who have gone through psychological burnout and are 100% ready for crucial changes in their lives. However, all of them are people who understand that a coaching session will help them structure their needs and arrange their to-do list so that they meet the deadlines set. My customers know that while they’re waiting for the next session, they can call me or write to me – I will support them if necessary and will encourage them to take the necessary steps towards a definite goal. If a customer feels like “reporting” their achievements to me after they have completed the task, they are free to do so.


Price per session: EUR 100

Duration:: 1.5 h

Coaching for companies


Individual coaching sessions are a valuable tool for business organisations, and it is great if the management offers their employees an opportunity to visit such sessions. As a result of these sessions efficiency and self-esteem grows (which is a crucial factor in achieving success).

It will be useful for your staff to:

  • improve results

  • increase motivation

  • sort out their priorities


My sessions are most often required when it is necessary to look at a certain situation from a distance and to assess it without bias. For example, if there is a person in the team who does not bring the desired result, if the manager is unsure of the further steps of their company, etc. Coaching helps to become aware of opportunities and resources; during these sessions customers get to the desired action plan themselves.

Price per session: EUR 100

Duration:: 1.5 h

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