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Laura Vanaga

coach, yoga instructor
Coaching sessions

For those who seek and wish
to find answers to their
 questions. Conversations
 that lead to opportunities.

Corporate seminars

 ‘Stress management’ and ‘Self-coaching’. Seminars for business people.

Kundalini yoga classes

For groups For any age and gender.

Individual ‘Out of the box’ sessions

A combination of a coaching session and yoga class. Takes you outside your box.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Coaching and yoga are the two means which I use and have mastered, and I invite others to use them to get to know themselves, their creative potential and discover new opportunities. If the essence of coaching is to structure things and get the mind in order, then yoga is all about developing the ability to listen to one’s conscience. The application of both tools has helped me and my customers achieve success in various tasks of life.

About me

Coach and Kundalini teacher. Communicator. Networking freak. Maverick. Some say that I am good at giving inspiration, others say that I run on solar energy. I guess they’re right.

My Topics

How to stop in the middle of the everyday craziness and find balance within ourselves. How do we combine the urban pace and flow of nature?
How to stay in the business environment and remain humane, feminine and spiritual.




I recommend


There are moments when you need to say your thoughts out loud to understand yourself and sort out your priorities. There are times in our lives when we get stuck and as we’re running in circles, we need a “smarter friend” to ask us, why are you doing this and where do you want to get to? The added value is created by cooperating and working in synergy with special people. Laura is a person, coach, yoga teacher and overall smart woman who is always there for you and open for any type of conversation. I am greatly thankful for the undivided attention and presence in yoga classes and special conversations in Laura’s countryside where we combined the magic of coaching sessions, yoga and zvongo sounds. It is so powerful when you can combine the human contact, power of nature, physical presence and spiritual processes! It has definitely helped me to make more mindful choices and to enjoy life fully. I would like to thank Laura for her presence, support and involvement in my life.

Dace Meiere,

HR consultant

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