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Kundalini yoga classes 

Kundalini yoga classes

Kundalini yoga is one of the ways of unleashing the creative potential or the so-called “snoozing energy”. Kundalini is the creative energy that lies within us.

Benefits from Kundalini yoga:

  • boosts energy levels

  • stabilises the nervous system

  • increases the ability to focus

  • increases inner peace

  • calms the mind


Kundalini is suitable for people of any age or gender.

Yoga is a path each of us follows differently. After the classes people tell me that they have experienced wonders and that they feel like having overcome a huge barrier. To be honest, we are the ones who set these barriers. And if I’m of any help in taking them down, I feel my job is worth doing. Teaching and practising yoga is a job that fulfils my heart.

Price per person per one class: EUR 10

Duration: 1 h (via Zoom)

Every Friday:

at 09:00 am (EEST time) - LV group

at 17:00 pm (EEST time) - ENG group

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