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My Approach

Westerners are used to living in duality. Although it is not always expressed in a straight-forward manner, the general view is that business people are led by their mind, while those who follow their conscience are stripped of business thinking. Why such a separation? Why do we tend to separate our mind from our heart? Is it actually possible? It has always seemed absurd to me, because a human is an all-connected being who should be able to live in peace and harmony in this duality.

However, the separation aspect is true and we often fall into extremes. People in business tend to forget who they really are, while spiritual practitioners lose their connection with the secular world, financial welfare and life “here and now”.

With this in mind, I wrote my first book ‘Joga un pārdošana’ (Yoga and selling) (2016), my personal story on life in harmony in the business world. I would also like to continue this story today. To talk about the natural urge to get in touch with ourselves, even if the days are spent in a business environment, and to talk about the need to be in touch with the reality and the surrounding craze when the spiritual practice starts to seem like a saviour from the mundane.

A large part of modern society clearly understands what it means to spend their days in an office environment. All of us, including me, have experienced burnout, continuous stress and endless pressure. It is a lifestyle where you can easily get “lost in translation” or get confused over priorities. Without even noticing, we lose our ability to assess the role of family, career and personal goals in our lives.


Work takes a lot from a modern person, and I must admit that I see many people who are escaping this environment – they leave their jobs, move to the countryside to make pastalas and clay trays, become spiritual and refuse secular joys of life... Of course, these are solutions, however one size does not always fit all. The urban rhythm is an integral part to many lives, and the skill to survive in this rhythm is the only way to realise oneself 100%. However, the eternal problem of stress still remains.

What is the solution? I have found my special approach to create a balance between both of these poles – the mind and heart.

Coaching and yoga are the two means which I use and have mastered, and I invite others to use them to get to know themselves, their creative potential and discover new opportunities. If the essence of coaching is to structure things and get the mind in order, then yoga is all about developing the ability to listen to one’s conscience. The application of both tools has helped me and my customers achieve success in various tasks of life – ambitious, goal-driven entrepreneurs, managers of different seniority and specialists who are in an unremitting development process.

Coaching and yoga are strong mindfulness tools that help you see yourself, accept and find new opportunities. When taken separately – yoga helps connect the spiritual and physical aspect, while coaching is a quick and effective method to become aware of our inner resources and develop a logical sequence of actions to achieve a certain goal. We are the ones to undertake responsibility in both directions, no one else is going to do it for us.

By using both of these tools on a daily basis, I have discovered a well-known truth - getting in touch with ourselves can help love the business environment and look at it with acceptance. While working with my customers I see that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”, however by focusing on our internal processes it is possible to maintain the core of our personality, and that is the key to a quality life in Western culture, being in touch with reality and the business environment, learning to get satisfaction from it and enjoy it.


It is great to be in business, your ambitions are worth a salute and to maintain quality in everyday circles is fascinating. This is a priceless age giving us opportunities to create a world we wish to see. However, life at this ever growing pace puts ever more responsibility on us to care for ourselves and maintain the stability of our nervous system, and living within this massive amount of information makes us become more aware of our priorities and true values. Therefore I am happy when I see that more and more companies globally and in Latvia are thinking not only about work being finished in time, but also about the mental health of their staff.

When I work with business people, I use both of my instruments – coaching and yoga. In general, I practise one-on-one sessions, however I am open to introducing these tools in the routine of companies.


Through individual coaching sessions I help company employees understand their roles,
 tasks and undertake mindful responsibility for their future actions, understand their goals to be achieved and develop a clear step-by-step programme to achieve them. During the sessions we learn how to achieve the goals and do it willingly, and get satisfaction from the result.


With the seminars ‘How do we sort out our priorities?’, ‘Stress management’ and ‘Self-coaching’ I create fertile soil for mindful thinking of how to regularly sort out priorities and find motivation for works which are always postponed, I share my daily techniques on how to relax the nervous system and release tension; I improve employees’ skills to notice opportunities and find solutions to problems.


With Kundalini yoga for companies I help the employees to take a break from the
 dynamic rush, where one job creates another job, help you clear your mind and learn about
 inner reserves you did not know existed.


In the individual ‘Out of the box' sessions I combine the power of coaching and yoga. In them we focus on the customer’s goal – we start with a coaching session and continue the class on a yoga mat.

If you or your company wish to begin the journey towards connecting the mind and heart, attain balance and harmony, while at the same time maintaining the pace of life and increasing productivity, contact me!

We are the ones who adjust the poles of our lives, and contrast them. 

Choose balance!

Short summary of my education and professional experience

2012– to date Member at ICF Latvia (International Coach Federation)

2017-2018 Board Member at ICF Latvia

2017-2018 Management Team Member, BNI Latvia, Zapp Chapter

2017-2018 Sales project manager, HR project consultant, coach, Talentor Latvia

2011-2017 Client Relations Manager, Eiro Personāls

2009-2011 Sales representative in Riga region, Henkel Latvia 


2012 Kundalini yoga teacher, certificate

2012 Coach certificate, ACC

2008 Master’s degree in personnel management 

2006 Bachelor’s degree in social work and social pedagogy

2006 First level higher professional education in business administration


2018 ‘Kā gūt panākumus Latvijā’ (co-author)

2016 ‘Joga un pārdošana’ (author) 


2017 Presentation at the conference ‘International coaching conference’

2017 Presentation at the conference ‘Personnel and labour law’

2016 Presentation at the conference ‘Grand sales’ 

2014 Presentation at the conference ‘Sales formula’ 

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