Individual ‘Out of the box’ sessions

‘Out of the box’ combines an individual coaching session and yoga class with percussion elements. This idea came to me in 2014 when I was spending the whole summer in the countryside with my baby. While the baby was sleeping, my husband helped me to “build” a country office with a canopy and two chairs in a beautiful oak avenue under an oak tree, near a pond rich in waterlilies. I found the place perfect for conversations, therefore I decided to organise coaching sessions there and help people open their uneasy minds and take a break from the routine and workload.

The name of the sessions fully represented the possibility to get ‘outside the box’, to dream a little, at the same time keeping grounded and being in touch with reality. After an hour-long coaching session we continue to a nearby meadow where we transform to a completely different state of mind, beginning with the sounds of percussion (I study playing percussion under Nils Īle). Afterwards we slip into a 1.5-hour long journey through Kundalini.

I continue the ‘out of the box’ journey in colder months as well, when I inhabit Baltā pirts, which provides a cosy atmosphere, heat and a will to stop.


Why do I wish for every one to try this?

  • It is an opportunity to work with an important intention or an idea that has been put on the ‘shelf’

  • to find new resources within oneself to fulfill a wish

  • an opportunity to relax, calm down and look at ourselves/our lives from a distance

  • to get rid of tension and fear

  • to gain courage, assurance and the necessary tools to get ourselves in order

During the session the customer becomes calm, gains clarity and vision to solve their issues.


Price per session: EUR 250

Duration: 2.5 h

Buy Individual "Out of the box" session as a wonderful gift.