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Coaching is my mindset, lifestyle and passion

For me coaching is like a journey during which I am able to learn more about myself and to understand my own values.

Also it is the path of transformation. I have grown up with so many revelations of life and myself. We all know that life is changing, there are constant changes and we can't stay at the same place too long. There is no black and white but so many ways to look at things.

Sir John Whitmore, author of the book “Coaching for performance” writes: “We tend to get what we focus on. If we fear failure, we are focused on failure and that is what we get”. And I can totally agree that we get where our focus and energy flows. Of course the author is also highlighting that the goal should be specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time phased.

Approach of the SMART has helped me a lot with self-coaching techniques. Just asking myself a few questions and getting answers. And then we can realize how interesting people are if we can create dialogue with themselves.

My own path of coaching started in 2012 when I got my first certificate. Then started to coach my first clients and understood clearly that I love what I do. I see the value of this and I can guide people in this journey. Since 2012 I belong to the ICF (International Coach Federation) Latvia chapter, I have become a member of the board and member of CoachHub (Digital coaching provider) where I have great experience to coach people around the world.

Few questions which helped me a lot:

  1. Where am I?

  2. What do I see? What do I feel?

  3. Where would I like to go and what would I like to reach?

  4. What kind of resources do I have to reach this goal?

  5. How will I say thank you to myself?

Coaching is the way to clearly understand yourself, who you are and what's important for you.

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