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From zero to a hero

From zero to a hero, in other words, how to grow ourselves towards great experiences? How to prepare ourselves for our presentations? How to plan and save our energy before?

I'm grateful and honoured to BNI Global Power Team International Networking Group power that I have met Steve Sweeney (IBGR) from Australia. Steve invited me to his radio show and it was a new and thrilling experience for me.

It was great to discuss and share my experience with thousands of people around the world.

Please see below my revelations about the presentation:

Today I would like to share 10 of my personal revelations according to good pitch:

  1. Train regularly, know your message. Know your audience! (video, audio) We have a formula: 1 min presentation you need 1 h preparation.

  2. Breathe, train your breathing, it's your key to release stress. Breathe before your speech, breathe afterwards. More than 8 years in yoga gave me an understanding of how to mobilize my body under stress.

  3. Power poses. Have you heard about Amy Cudy, she has amazing videos on Youtube about how to prepare yourself before presentations, and how to feel your confidence.

  4. Sleep well! If you feel good, you will give a good speech. Think about how many hours you need for good sleep?

  5. Humor. People love jokes, people love stories, more personal stories. If you can touch the heart of your audience, you will feel it!

  6. Don't rush, take a pause. It's one of the best ice breakers too.

  7. Positive affirmations. I'm also studying hypnotherapy and I see that it's so important what we are constantly telling ourselves. Instead of failing, we have to repeat: I will do my best speech ever, I will be the best.

  8. Warm up your voice, sing your favourite song, especially if you presenting in the morning

  9. Don't plan anything on the day of the presentation if you can. If this is your big day where you have to speak in front, better do some exercises before or go to the gym.

  10. Dress appropriately and you will feel like a winner! You will feel fresh and confident. Imagine you are like a host who is waiting for our guests, making them feel good.

Watch video here:

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